With Cybercrime damages to hit £4.7 Trillion by 2021 and 48% of UK businesses having experienced a business-interrupting security breach at least once a month, it’s fair to say cyber security is a critical business issue. 

The goal is to strike the correct balance, ensuring cybersecurity is part of your corporate DNA, embedded within technology, processes, data and most importantly staff to reduce the risk of unauthorised access to sensitive corporate information while not creating a working environment that hinders your employees ability to thrive. 


By conducting a full cyber security resilience assessment, we improve our clients security profile. By benchmarking them against cyber security best practices we enhance their information security management and protect sensitive corporate information


Take the first step by taking our short cyber security resilience assessment online. This quick online assessment looks at key areas of Cyber Security and although it’s a lightweight review of the potential cyber risks your organisation could face, the benchmark report will provide an indication of which areas you need to place your focus. 

-> ​Short cyber security resilience assessment

Warringtons Cyber Resilience Assessment

Warringtons Cyber Resilience Assessment

Cyber resilience is to prepare for, identify, respond to and recover from cyber-attacks.  It is essential to identify, analyse and manage your organisation's cyber risks. 

Act now by taking our short cybersecurity resilience assessment online. This brief assessment looks at key areas of Cyber Security and will help you discover potential gaps and weaknesses in your firm. Furthermore, the benchmark report will score your firm's cyber resilience maturity against industry peers and provide an indication of where you need to focus your efforts.

The assessment should take approximately 10 minutes to complete and, to thank you for your time, you’ll be given the opportunity to enter a prize draw* to win an Apple Watch. All the responses will be used anonymously.

Your responses will also anonymously contribute to a Cyber Resilience industry Benchmark we will be publishing in 2020.
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